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A Unique Mountain Bike Program

ECYC student athletes get to explore all areas of the sport, from twice-a-week practices focused on skills and fitness development (and fun!), to extra activities like field trips to new trail systems, weekend group rides, on-the-bike games and adventures, off-the-bike socials, and the amazing NICA race weekends. All led by experienced and certified coaches, and all in a positive, supportive, and team-focused environment.

mountain biker teens in hawaiian shirts
Teenagers in a mountain bike race

An Inclusive, Lifelong Sport

There are no tryouts or cuts on the ECYC team. Everyone rides; no one rides the bench. Together, regardless of ability level, athletes will become stronger riders, active members of the outdoor community, and kind and encouraging teammates. They'll learn useful skills like goal setting, exercise nutrition, trail etiquette and advocacy, and in-the-field maintenance and repairs. And they'll develop friendships and a love for a sport they can carry with them long after the season ends.

How We Roll

Teenage girl leading bike race


Riding local trails, developing skills, building fitness, playing games, and working toward each athlete's goals.

  • Tuesday & Thursday evenings

  • 6pm-8pm (times change slightly in the fall as days get shorter)

  • July through October

Field Trips and Other Rides

One of the best things about mountain biking is riding new places with friends. We'll occasionally meet up outside the EC area for weekend "field trip" rides at other trails. We'll also do longer rides for athletes wanting to build endurance. 

Race Weekends

Come fall, we participate in NICA's Wisconsin youth race series, where student athletes from throughout Wisconsin put their skills and fitness to the test. It's the highlight of the season for most of our athletes and coaches and includes team camping and  a variety of fun activities.

Teambuilding and Community Fun

We host off-the-bike social activities (bowling and pizza, anyone?) and participate in NICA's GRiT (Girls Riding Together), TTC (Teen Trail Corps), and NICA Adventure activities. The team gives back to the community, too, by helping with local trail maintenance and volunteering at events.

Eligibility and

Who can join

Eau Claire, Altoona, Mondovi, Eleva-Strum  students who will be in middle school or high school in Fall. This includes public, private, virtual, and homeschool students.

Necessary gear

Mountain bike suitable for offroad trails, bike helmet, bike shoes or sneakers, water bottle or hydration pack, and proper clothing. Find the full gear list here.

* Loaner bike programs and scholarships are available for those who need financial assistance.

Student athlete expectations

Follow team values and sign the NICA Student-Athlete Code of Conduct. Parents, discuss the ECYC program with your child before registering. Are they interested in joining a mountain bike team, committed to bringing a positive attitude, and willing to challenge themselves at times?

Parent/guardian expectations

Read and respond to team communications, read the ECYC Team Handbook, and sign the NICA Adult Code of Conduct. Please consider volunteering during the season, as well. We're a 100%-volunteer organization. The more helping hands, the better the experience we can give our kids.

2024 Participation Costs

Required Fees

Local team fee

Includes t-shirt and bike nameplate


NICA national fee

Paid within 2 weeks of registration


WI league fee

Paid within 2 weeks of registration


Total required fees


Other Costs

Race fee (per race)

For athletes who race. $300 season pass available for 5 races & 1 adventure weekend.


Race late fee (per race)

If you don't pre-register on time


Team jersey

Needed if racing. Can use previous year's


Optional events

Adventure camps, social outings, etc


We strive to make our program accessible to all kids who want to ride. If you're unable to afford a bike, equipment, or any of these fees, scholarships and assistance are available.

Mountain bike team kids playing in a creek

2024 new athlete registration

will open April 1st at 9am.

Spots are limited. Don't miss out!

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