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The ECYC Trail Leadership Award

recognizes Eau Claire Youth Cycling student athletes
who embody the ideals of sport, character, and community.

Mountain biking has a strong history of volunteerism and advocacy. In order to ride sweet singletrack, mountain bikers have long had to “earn their dirt” through trail building, trail maintenance, and supporting local trail organizations.

Mountain biking is also a sport that rewards effort. The more you put into it, the more you get out. If you practice and participate, youget to enjoy the payoff of a stronger body, a healthier mind, and closer ties to the community.

Our goal is to pass along these values to our student athletes, so we’ve created the ECYC Trail Leadership Award, to recognize and reward those who commit to showing up, doing their best, and giving back.


The ECYC Trail Leadership Award will go to Eau Claire Youth Cycling student athletes who complete these criteria over the course of a season.


The student athlete will perform a minimum of three hours volunteering with the local trail community.


The student athlete will participate in a local stewardship activity, showing support of trails and the sport of mountain biking.


The student athlete will complete a mountain biking evaluation showing proficiency and growth in essential skills.


The student athlete will complete the season with at least 75% attendance at team practices.

Lifting a Bike


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